Transfering file from remote Isaac Sim to own computer


I have set a remote Isaac Sim using AWS, but I can’t find a way to export and import files from Isaac Sim to my computer.

Also, I tried installing cache in order to do this, but the Linux cache installer link in the setup document doesn’t seem to give the correct download file. It give exactly the same download link that the one for installing nucleus server.

Hello @taher.kamyar! I have moved your post so that the Isaac Sim team can review your questions. Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi. There are multiple ways to transfer files.

If you are using docker you can use volume mounts to store file on the EC2 instance like in this guide. You can also user the docker cp command to copy files to and from a container to the EC2 instance.

Next, you can use the scp command to copy files from the EC2 instance to your PC.

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