Trouble Getting USD landscape to show in the Isaac Sim viewport


I am having difficulty getting a 3d environment rendered and visualized in Isaac Sim’s view port/graphical interface. I purchased a 3D environment (desert landscape from “Elite Landscapes: Bundle Pack” in the Unreal Store. The landscape renders and visualizes in the Unreal view port successfully. I then converted the map file to usd (right click file and select “convert to usd” using ISaac Sim content browser). When double clicking the newly converted USD file located in the content browser, it opens in the stage browser but does not show in the viewport. I cannot see the actual landscape anywhere.

Can someone assist me with this problem?

Can you try converting the file to USD via the UE4 plugin? That might lead to better results.

What was the original format of the file before importing to UE4?
When you open the converted file, is the stage tab also empty? It could be that you need to add a light to the scene to see the object in some cases.