Trying to install centos on jetson Nano using Jetson driver package

I’m trying to install centos on Jetson Nano by generating sdcard flashable image for Jetson Nano platform. I’m using the script from the link to generate the flashable image.

After generating the image, I’m applying Jetson binary (by running script) to the centos rootfs ( and then copying rootfs to the sdcard in the root partition.

When I boot using this sd-card, Jetson Nano doesn’t boot up. I just see Nvidia logo on my monitor.

I was hoping if someone has tried installing centos on Jetson Nano and could suggest steps which I might be missing here ? Do I need to use a specific centos rootfs here.

I tried the same steps for installing Debian on Jetson Nano by generating rootfs from qemu-debootstrap for aarch64 and it works fine.

Did you have any further progress?