TX1: Connecting image sensor with 1 lane


We need to connect image sensor which outputs through single MIPI CSI lane. Required changes are done in Device tree (numlanes and buswidth are set as 1). But when executed, errors being thrown from MIPI driver.

[ 434.191119] vi vi: Selected no CSI lane, cannot do calibration
[ 434.390804] video4linux video0: frame start syncpt timeout!0

When analysed, found that there is a check for numlanes matching 2 or 4 in drivers/media/platform/tegra/camera/channel.c. and as I have configured 1 lane, We are getting above error.

Please Let me know what configuration change is needed to make sensor working for 1 lane.


Can someone reply back to above query, if MIPI 1x1 configuration is already tested in TX1.

hello Pal1234,

FYI, i had try to configure our camera reference platform to 1-lane mode for quick testing. confirmed that the video streaming works for us.

BTW, mipi calibration only executed on 2/4/8 lanes, below message is expected for your 1-lane configuration.

vi vi: Selected no CSI lane, cannot do calibration

also, “syncpt timeout” failure may caused by several reasons.
please double check your sensor driver to confirm initial settings are all correct. (mclk, pixel clock, frame length, line length…)