TX2:Hardware failure

all button is no responding with a right power.help! only the light CR6 is on.

Slip of tongue,only the light CR5 is on.

The red LED next to the module would always be on if power is applied. The two green LEDs only go on if the system is on. The red LED next to PCIe would also be on if it sees power (the red LEDs are “a good thing”). The fan does not normally spin unless the system is under load.

Does the power button cause any of the LEDs near it to light up? If you have a USB keyboard connected directly (no HUB), does caps lock work?

I have exactly this same issue. Only CR5 is lit. CR6 is NOT lit, green LEDs are both off. Connecting USB directly does not have a working caps lock. It was working earlier today, Any suggestions?

Are you using the dev kit power supply? Normally you don’t need to hold the power on button, but could you try to see what happens if you hold it down for a full second?

I believe it is the standard power supply provided. We are connected from a plug bar, but I don’t think that should have a huge impact.

Attempted holding the power button for up to 10 seconds, and no effect observed.
Attempted to enter recovery mode, via holding rec button, reset, maintain hold then release rec button, no effect observed.

Have not yet connected serial port, but measuring voltage shows change at all when pressing power. Appears that all peripherals are dead/disconnected.

It was shipped to us earlier, but we were able to boot to linux once after opening, so physical damage seems unlikely but is possible?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

A number of people have had failures with connectors other than from the supplied power supply. It is because of the connector I ask, not so much because of the power supply. There are two different inner diameters for 5.5mm barrel connectors (very close in size), but usually only the outer diameter is listed. Examples (note “actual diameter” for inner measurement can differ):

In other cases even slightly too thin and long wires have to be compensated by a large capacitor. It seems at the moment of power on the power source must be stable.

Can you try directly plugged in from the power outlet of the original power adapter?