TX2 IBIS and SPICE model instructions with HyperLynx

Getting the TX2 IBIS and SPICE models was easy but I’m surprised they did not include a cover doc to explain the basics for their use. A simple block diagram would have gone a long way. i.e. Are the IBIS for the Tegra IC or at the Samtec connector? I’m assuming at the Tegra. The signals I’m interested in are for the MIPI CSI interface and the spice models come with JetsonTX2_CSI_AB.s24p and JetsonTX2_CSI_HFSSModel.s72p options. Which to use and when? I’m assuming this is the connection from the Samtec connector to the Tegra IC - please confirm. Then, do the Spice models include the mating Samtec connector on my board? Probably not since different height options are possible, but that’s still an assumption. My simulation platform is Mentor Graphics HyperLynx VX2.3 and an example simulation setup would be really nice.

Hi Barry,

-You can choose the model file based on your design (using partition A&B or all nets?).

-The S Parameter model is the Package only. The Samtech connector is in the PCB.

-Are you testing on your own board?

-Are you running DPHY or CPHY? In either case, should use Transmitter circuit model from other vendor, CSI interface at Nvidia functions as Receiver.

-We don’t use Hyperlynx here.