TX2i - USB/PCI/SATA Config #4

I am designing a custom TX2i carrier with USB/PCI/SATA Config #4.

For PEX1,
would the REFCLK (P/N) pins be: B45, B46 respectively?
would PEX_RST# and CLKREQ# pins be: E50, C47 respectively?

So far my pin mapping looks as below:
USB Port 0
USB2.0 - B39, B40
USB SS - C43, C44, F43, F44

USB Port 1
USB2.0 - A38, A39
USB SS - D39,D40, G39, G40

USB Port 2
USB2.0 - B42, B43
USB SS - D42, D43, G42, G43

PEX0 = mPCIE port 1
REFCLK - A44, A45
TXRX - E44, E45, H44, H55

PEX1 = mPCIE port 2
REFCLK - <not sure!> would it be B45, B46
TXRX - C40, C41, F40, F41
PEXRST - <not sure!> would it be E50
CLKREQ - <not sure!> would it be C47


Please refer to the product design guide.

I already referred to the design guide and it does not show any documentation for PEXRST, CLKREQ or REFCLK for config #4

Yes, you can get the pin name and number in PCIe Connection Example figure in OEM DG.