Ubuntu 20.04 + Dell XPS 15 9560 Nvidia GTX 1050 v470

Full fresh install with latest BIOS 1.22 on XPS 15 of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, enabling latest driver 470. No other tweaks. External display via USB C. No user applications running, besides web browser

Current situation:

  • Nvidia performance mode: High CPU temperature of 60C, fans 3500rpm - quite unpleasant sound - besides it makes me wonder if it’s ok to let my laptop work so hard all the time ;)
  • Intel only mode gives 43C, 2500rmp - good


  • Lower CPU temperature when NVIDIA handles the graphics instead of higher
  • Fans that don’t sound like a helicopter departing ;-)

Someone else seems to have same info with more through testing: Ubuntu 21.04 CPU throttle because of enabled (not used) nVidia gpu - #3 by tomt7obw