UDIM render issue with normal maps

maybe a bug on UDIM parsing - seems to be only happening to me with normal maps for some reason

here’s an arm with 2 UDIMs setup (1002 and 1003) (1002 is the forearm, 1003 is the hand)

if I specify an image directly it applies the one normal map to both UDIMs and looks technically correct (but obviously artistically wrong) - this works with both the 1002 and 1003 used as the Normal map - like so:

if I then set the normal map path to use <UDIM> in place of the actual number in the map name however it does NOT work correctly - it seems to revert to using whatever the last direct map I loaded in or just freaks out - like this:

a simple test shows the albedo map slot at least seems to work as expected with a <UDIM> path

any ideas as to something I’m maybe doing wrong? reloading the file doesn’t work - same result

Aggh - please ignore - one of the Normal maps had a typo I just hadn’t spotted (‘Normal’ was capitalised in one map and not the other)

pilot error

move along, nothing to see here :)

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@bold.stelvis 10 points from Gryffindor …scratch that… I think spelling errors would be more on the Ravenclaw side. 10 points from Ravenclaw!

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Thanks for posting @bold.stelvis! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person who made the same mistake!