UDIM support?

Arnt UDIMs supported?
I get only my first texture loaded.

Hello @oglu! Thanks for reaching out. I just wanted to let you know that I am looking into this!

Hi @oglu! I found more information that should help!

Try adding the <UDIM> tag in your texture path. For example, if your texture is Teapot_diffuse_1001.jpg try this instead Teapot_diffuse_<UDIM>.jpg

Here is a link to our documentation concerning UDIMs
UDIM Documentation

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No luck on the first try cause those textures arnt exported from Maya.
I have to take a closer look. Would be great to get that working out of the box.

@oglu Were you able to get it to work after the first try? I will get a developer to take a look into this.

I have to try again tomorrow. I need to copy over the textures per hand.

I got it working in Machinima with the help of Nvidia people:

If you have your UVs layout done outside of the 0-1 UVspace those naming will be created from the painting software you use.

Here an example workflow with painter.

I see. hmm :/