Unable login reComputer J1010(Jetson)

I am using Jetson Nano as my hardware. It is connected to my TV via HDMI. I can access it through my laptop via SSH(both laptop and Jetson are in same Wi-Fi network). It is showing “Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS xxx tty1” in my TV screen. After i login using my credentials it is like a terminal with no GUI access. I am trying to troubleshoot but need more support.

Abhishek Mitra

Please contact the board vendor for support.

Is it possible that i can format the jetpack using external USB drive?

You should first get the right BSP from the board vendor before we talk about this.

BSP stands for board support package?

YES, ask the board vendor for help, please.

sure, i have mailed them and awaiting their response.

The board vendor had mailed to reflash the OS, refering to the following guide:

Shall i follow the above method ?

YES, you should.