Unable to capture when connecting a camera within the 4-7 ports on a 16 channels expansion board

Hi all,

I have been working on the 16 channel camera expansion card from D3. I have tested the driver and managed to get working up to five cameras capturing simultaneously. However, I have come across some issues that I haven’t found an explanation for on my end.

Making a brief recap, I am working on a Jetson Xavier with Jetpack 4.5.1 (I am unable to move to another version given that I am using an RTOS patch that is only compatible with that Jetpack). We managed to get the camera drivers working on Jetpack 4.4 and, to make it work on Jetpack 4.5.1, we asked for the Argus binaries with the Jetpack 4.4 regression given that we could not work when we started to use more than six cameras. OK. After applying the binaries, we managed to get a camera connected to any port, and we were not restricted to only the first six ports.

The expansion board has four deserialisers to connect up to four camera links. I am enumerating them as:

  • Serialiser 1: with ports 0-3
  • Serialiser 2: with ports 4-7
  • Serialiser 3: with ports 8-11
  • Serialiser 4: with ports 12-15

So far, I can connect cameras distributed amongst the Serialiser 1, 3 and 4. However, if I connected even a single camera on Serialiser 2, I started to have some weird behaviours:

  1. On each reboot, camera nodes tend to disappear
  2. I can capture only from a couple of cameras out of five cameras I have connected. Currently, I have cameras attached to ports 0, 1, 5, 9, 10. I can only capture from 1 and 10.
  3. I cannot capture GStreamer or V4L2-CTL on the not working cameras.

Testing another configuration, just connecting cameras to Serialiser 1 and Serialiser 2, everything works as expected. Hence, the Serialiser 2 is OK. The issue happens only if I use Serialiser 3 or Serialiser 4 and Serialiser 2. For instance:

  • Serialiser 1 + Serialiser 2: Works
  • Serialiser 1 + Serialiser 3: Works
  • Serialiser 1 + Serialiser 4: Works
  • Serialiser 1 + Serialiser 3 + Serialiser 4: Works
  • Serialiser 2 + Serialiser 3: Does not work
  • Serialiser 2 + Serialiser 4: Does not work
  • Serialiser 2 + Serialiser 3 + Serialiser 4: Does not work
  • Serialiser 2 only: Works

Another critical remark is that this issue also happens in Jetpack 4.4 without the RTOS patch (since it is not compatible). Also, in Jetpack 4.5.1 without the patch.

Have you seen this issue or have a clue about what is happening?

I attach the error messages obtained in:

  • dmesg while trying v4l2-ctl
  • NVArgus while trying to capture from Argus
  • dmesg while trying to capture from Argus

I do not have any error / relevant message when capturing with a working configuration.

Please, find the messages attached:

errorwhilecapturing.txt (47.2 KB)

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards,

I would suggest to consult with D3 to get help. We don’t have this HW to analysis the problem.
Suppose D3 would be know more about their design.


We are currently working together. However, given that the last issue was related to NVArgus, we thought there was a known issue in the multiple camera support.

Recalling the issue, while using ports beyond the sixth causes that the cameras could not capture, quite similar to the Argus issue where we could not capture with NVArgus and we required the libArgus regression.

I believe we have provide solution for the cameras beyond six in others topic.

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