Unable to get a working display on Fedora 25

An up to date install of Fedora 25 isn’t able to work with any NVidia drivers. A warning about the X server having ABI version 23 is generated, can also be ignored, but no drivers are actually able to display something.

Kernel version: 4.8.1
X server version: 1.19.0-0.2.20160929 => (1.19.0 RC 1)
ABI version: 24.1

Driver behavior:
367.57 => The X server simply restarts over and over.
370.23 => Can’t be built without a patch. This is a known issue resolved in 370.28
370.28 => Seg fault on startup

Since 370 is beta, I haven’t spend much time fiddling with it.

367.57 is promising, but there is nothing from the logs that can tell me why it’s failing. The driver builds cleanly and once the IgnoreABI flag is set, X starts but seems to bail out. SystemD then tries to restart it over and over…

My guess is that this is known and being worked on, but I wanted to open this issue to keep track of it. This workstation isn’t useful without a display…

The log of 367.57 will be attached.

Non released Xserver Versions are never supported.
And yes, the issue is well known and will not fixed until xserver 1.19 is released.