Unable to locate package ros-humble-isaac-ros-image-segmentation

admin@ymir-desktop:/workspaces/isaac_ros-dev$ sudo apt-get install -y ros-humble-isaac-ros-image-segmentation
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package ros-humble-isaac-ros-image-segmentation

how can I fix

what is the problem?? I use docker

Moving this topic to the Isaac ROS forum for @Raffaello to take a look at.

Thanks @dusty_nv

Hi, @khs87025, welcome to the forum.

The package you are trying to install doesn’t have the nomenclature you have written. The correct command is:

sudo apt-get install -y ros-humble-isaac-ros-unet

For such an example follow the tutorial here:


thx about your reply.
I follow that link but I have one more error
$ Unknown embedded device detected. Using 59660MiB as the allocation cap for memory on embedded devices.

in this code
/opt/nvidia/tao/tao-converter -k tlt_encode -d 3,544,960 -p input_2:0,1x3x544x960,1x3x544x960,1x3x544x960 -t int8 -c peoplesemsegnet_shuffleseg_cache.txt -e /tmp/models/peoplesemsegnet_shuffleseg/1/model.plan -o argmax_1 peoplesemsegnet_shuffleseg_etlt.etlt

cannot convert

To assist you better, could you please provide me with information about your hardware configuration?

You can check the system requirements page to see if your device meets the minimum requirements.