Unable to ping jetson nano from others devices while connected via usb tethering

Hello everyone , I have a Dell PC ( connected to a Wi-Fi network, along with my phone. My Jetson Nano ( is connected to my phone ( via USB tethering.

The issue I’m facing is that I can successfully ping my Dell PC from the Jetson Nano without any problem. However, I’m unable to ping the Jetson Nano from any other device connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This suggests that my phone might be blocking incoming messages to the Jetson Nano.

To troubleshoot, I’ve tried assigning a static IP address to the Jetson Nano within the same subnet as the network (192.168.50.x). However, when I do this, I lose internet connection on the Jetson Nano from my phone, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem or can help me identify the issue? Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated.

The USB tether makes the Jetson look like a wired virtual network device. It is up to the cell phone as to what kind of security is used, and determines what forwarding to or from the cell phone is configured for. I am surprised that the Jetson can be pinged from other devices on that network; it implies that either (A) there is another route to the Jetson from your PC, or else (B), the cell phone is forwarding ICMP packets.

From your Dell PC, which can ping the Jetson, what do you see from a traceroute (in Windows it is tracert) of the Jetson IP address, e.g.:

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