Unable to remove nano developer kit M2 slot retainer screw

I recently bought a Jetson Nano Developer kit and I am trying to install a wireless module - Intel 8265ngw.

After removing the heat sink, I was not able to remove the retainer screw at the center of the board for installing the wireless module in the M2 slot. It is too tight and I am worried about damaging the board if I try too hard. I tried multiple screw drivers (iFixit/Stanley) and it wouldn’t budge. I might be wearing out the screw head after trying to unscrew this for a while and no luck yet.

What do I do about this? Is this considered a defect to warrant a replacement? I tried contacting Live Chat and they would need inputs from this forum before they can take any further step. Would appreciate any help.


(sorry. Wrong board)


It’s should not that hard to remove the center screw.
Try pincher carefully if screw drivers not work.
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