Unreal Tournament 4 Bloom/Graphical issues.

When playing the game there will be bloom issues on most maps that you cant even see anything.
This seems to be a regression in driver since this did not happen on previous drivers <343.xx cannot say what version exactly.

I posted this in the UnrealEngine4 thread here but not sure if that was related or not, if it is i’m sorry.

Pictures of the issue:

It seems it also happens on some characters, think its related to when they pickup the shield or armor that also glows and just creates a massive blob of white.

One way to avoid the bloom of the map is to disable Skylightning using command:
ShowFlags.Skylightning 0

However this does not work for when a character glows.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Launch UnrealTournament 4
  2. Join a Map, this happens on most of them from what i can see.

I tried with both standard launch and with the parameter -opengl4 but issue persist.

Steamsysteminfo: Steam System information · GitHub

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (201 KB)

I have same issues under GNOME with 343.22 driver, but I also had like 340, and had same issues!

Here are some of my screens

Duplicate of: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/764840/linux/unrealengine4-linux-drivers-334-21-vs-340-24-same-with-343-13/

Pretty sure that’s the same issue.

Thing with that one is that they are getting more white because of some fix in nvidia driver about srgb. This is more like a bloom effect on overdrive.

But yeah, i meant that this could be a duplicate of that issue but wanted to be sure so created a seperate one =).