Unreal USD Sequencer Export crash

Trying to export scene with camera animation from Unreal 4.25 using the sequencer export. It just crashes every time no matter what workstation I try it on. I figured out some work around but…

OK, let’s figure out what about your level and/or sequence causes the crash. Could you describe your workaround or perhaps provide a simple example that causes the crash?

Something very simple like this works, and we even support Spawnable cameras too:

Thanks Lou,

Right now a simple scene just like that is crashing on the export. 1 camera 1 plane and 1 cube. I move the camera 150 frame and about 30ft or 10 m to the right and save. Export on the sequencer and it’s instant crash.

I render over 500,000 frames a year or exterior archviz and also have direct support from the Octane for Unreal dev to my personal phone. Unreal user for 8 year ect. My work around is exporting the camera as FBX and jumping into Clarisse and saving out the USD file, then adding back as a sublayer.

video link, maybe I am doing it wrong. https://youtu.be/EeLVqkh4m2Y

Looking at your video I see that you are using a feature that we stopped maintaining and left in the plugin. It should be removed.

The proper way to export this sequence is with the entire level. The way you do this is by right clicking on the level (NewMap in your case) and exporting the level as a USD stage.

If you want the stage on an Ominverse Server, right click and “Export to Omniverse”. If you want the stage on your local disk, right click, Asset Actions, Export, then select “.USD” as your file format.

Both methods are documented here:

NOTE: you’ll need the sequence to “AutoPlay” if you want it to export as timesamples in the USD stage, otherwise it is ignored.

LOL thanks so much, for Octane that is how I export as you can see for the drop down menu. I’ll see how that does. Thanks so much.

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Like magic, that worked. I’ve used Flow, Flex, Waveworks, ect. I’m excited to see everything coming out. My current setup is 1x 3090 3x 2080 just a whole bunch of rendering with myself and I outfitted the team with RTX cards just for this over the last year. Thanks so much

Thanks so much he is an example of Omniverse we did today

We would love to see what you did but we don’t have permission to view the image you linked.

I just moved the link to any one can view. Thanks,

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Great to see you’re having fun!

Lol not quite fun, I have 10,000 frames to render in the next few days. Hard Rock Hotel next week and a few other restaurants. So this is what I’ve been waiting for. I sacrificed hours of sleep to get everything done. But the pay off for time is so worth it. Now I need to get back some quality.
My team all has rtx cards and I’m rocking 3090 and 3x 2080.
Thanks again. I’ll do a direct comparison on a video here shortly. I’ve been waiting for this for years. I collaborate with the Octane dev team we were day 1 adoption 14 months ago. Thanks for all your hard work it really means a lot.

Awesome, well you are at the beginning stages of Omniverse, your input will help drive the product.

Great to see the early results.

On a side note, you can import the FBX in Create as well for the camera directly.