Updating M.2 SSD

I upgraded the M.2 SSD with a larger capacity (2 TB). After many tries I was able to re-install the IGX OS (Installing IGX-Software - NVIDIA Docs) onto the new disk via a USB flash drive. Ubuntu then wanted me to upgrade the OS. When I did I ended up losing the Wifi drivers.

I’m trying to re-install the IGX OS from the same USB flash drive. It gets me to the GRUB page and I select the “Install dGPU” or whatever it’s labeled. It then tries to reboot and never manages to come back.

Any idea on why it won’t continue with the IGX OS installation? I’m completely stuck.


We would suggest connect IGX developer kit to a host PC in Ubuntu to install 1.0DP. So that you can do clean installation.

Thanks! I’m unfamiliar with 1.ODP. Do you have any instructions on how to connect? Is that through the “PD” port with my laptop?