USB-C DisplayPort not working - since 465.24.02

Dear all,

since driver version 465.24.02 external monitors connected via USB Type C (DisplayPort over USB Type C) are not recognized at all. The Issue persists also in 465.27
Notebook: Thinkpad P1 Gen2
Graphics: Nvidia Quadro T2000

I tried several settings in in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/nvidia.conf with no success.
Before 465.24.02 I never had this issue. Switching back was not possible, because due kernel version 5.11.
Also massive mouse and keyboard lags occur when the USB Type C external monitor is connected.

The open source driver “nouveau” does not show this issue - so DP over USB Type C works with nouveau driver.

find attacht the nvidia-bug-report
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (103.6 KB)

what happens when you type xrandr, nvidia-smi, or nvidia-xconfig --query-gpu-info, nvidia-settings?

I found a new Intel Thunderbolt Firmware (Version: for the Thinkpad P1 Gen2 which I updated.
It looks like DisplayPort over USB Type C works again.

In the readme the following is stated:
<> (N2OTJ08W)
-[Important] Enhancement to address security vulnerability on Thunderbolt.
<> (N2OTJ06W)
-(Fix) Fixed an issue where external monitor might not turn on when waking from sleep

Weird, since I think I already had installed.
And even if, it only states something about “waking from sleep”. But it was not even recognized when booting up from power off.

However, looks like to work again.