USB TV Tuner Card?

I had assumed that since some ARMv7 and v8 drivers were out there, that it would be a simple matter to get something like the WINTV-HVR-955Q (aka the xbox one usb tv tuner) up and running fairly easy to run some machine learning training or VisionWorks examples on. But I just cannot get any firmware or drivers to load.

Is this even possible right now without building something myself from scratch?

Some developers might get tv tuner running in the Jetson platform so let’s see if anyone in the community will contribute. However, as any other device, you will need to get the Linunx driver adapted to get the device running first. Here is what I can google,

Once you have the device running, then you could try to run VW sample or any NVIDIA-provided sample. This is in general using Jetson tx2 board running at the edge.

On the other hands, machine learning training is a bit different in that it usually uses high-performance system such as Titan or GTX system or even DGX for compute-intensive dataset training operation.