UsdToUrdf Question

Hello I have a question about recently add extension UsdToUrdf.
Since it was a new feature, I decided to test it.
For testing, I exported Turtlebot3 Burger’s Usd file (created with urdf import) and then imported it again,
and the result was different from what I expected.
The original usd made by urdf importer & what i expected.

The result came out.

I was wondering if there was something I missed.

Also is there any good example of using UsdToUrdf?
I found a document of UsdToUrdf that explain the basic ui and function of extension
document i found

Hi @khh1 - Thank you for reporting the issue. Our team is currently looking into it. Meanwhile, I request you to provide us the Turtlebot USD that you used here.

Here is the usd what i used. (1.9 MB)
I generate this usd by using included urdf got from turtlebot3 github at foxy-devel branch. (10.2 MB)

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