Use same SD card on different Nano hardware

One of my Nano dev kits died. If I swapped the SD card into a new Nano dev kit, should everything just keep working as previously (including python scripts etc.)?

There are other similar posts here and here where people have had problems with this. Are these problems just isolated cases?

There are lots of issues that can be consider “not able to boot” issue.
However, the causes of such issue are actually different in each person’s case. I don’t think it is correct to just grab some posts and say “they are same as my case”. Especially when those posts didn’t share any log.

I am not sure what you want to do now. Do you want to just give up your old nano kit and buy a new one? Or you want us to help fix your old nano kit?

If you want us to help fix your nano kit, you can check this page to learn how to dump log from your old board.

If you want to buy a new kit and try old sd, you can try it too. But I don’t guarantee that would work. For example, if the file system over the sdcard is corrupted, then changing the board does not help.

Thank you WayneWWW. I am going to buy new hardware. It seems like it should be possible to work as long as the SD file system is not corrupted.

Just my personal suggestion… it is still better to buy a usb-ttl cable to dump the log.

If you hit any issue on your new nano, then you can also use that to dump log.

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