Using M.2 to PCIe adapters with AGX Xavier Dev Kit

I want to use Eco Capture - Ultra Compact & Lower Power Consumption - Magewell cards for multichannel video capture and encoding solution.

I’m aiming for 4 HD channels currently, with possible expansion to 8. I was hoping to use a PCIe x16 port and an M.2 adapter card to prototype the solution. I noticed that even though the card reports correctly via a driver (and on Magewell FAQ they claim support for AGX Xavier), I can’t get signal through and the chipset temperature climbs high very quickly (well above 40C operating range mentioned my Magewell.

Does anyone have an idea how to plug cards like this in the development kit? My other M.2 port is taken by NVMe SSD.

This would need other users to share suggestion. We don’t have experience of using the device.

Not sure if it supports v4l2 interface. If the driver works, you may try to capture frames through v4l2-ctl command.

Thanks, at this stage I’m interested in how to prototype M.2 cards with the development kit, and what kind of solutions people tested in plugging these kinds of cards to the board. Obviously, I can’t use the slot under the AGX module given the size of the radiator.

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