Using USD for branching animation

Need help on how to present better certain scenario in USD format:

Let’s say I nave 4 animations: A, B, C, D. I first play animation A and then I need call microservice to get decision either play animation B, or C. After animation B or C played - I’d like to continue with animation D.

I’m wondering, if I can place all these animations inside one USD file and somehow define inside the USD file which microservice to call and how to process response. Or do I need to create four separate USD files (each for A,B,C,D animations) and have some sort of processing code, which will parse configuration and start playing A, B, C, D animations and call microservice when necessary.

It would be strange if I need to have separate configuration file… but still… if someone know the right solution - please advise?

Hi @ivanonuchin. USD would definitely be able to encode the multiple animations, but for this runtime decision-making, I would look at Action Graph which allows for flow control and editing prims/properties.

Thank you @mati-nvidia , I will check Action Graph. If you have specific references - please let me know. It would also be great if you could cover this topic on one of Omniverse Developers Office Hours sessions!

PS. I love NVIDIA, seems like you guys have solution for any practical problem :)))

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Sorry. You also want to look at Animation Graph. We have a state machine sample that should help you get started:

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Thank you, @mati-nvidia I will look and provide feedback

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