UTMP or driver problem

My Jetson TX2 Xavier was installed by Ubuntu18.04,precisely Jetpack4.2.And someday the apt tool got BROKEN DOWN,so I try to fix this problem,during this process,I make some system problems,such as can’t open system setting and Ubuntu Application Store.I can’t open it with suffing a series of driver problems 4 day ago,and the screnn flicker with a last line show that ‘Start User Manager for UID 1000’.

There are some problems to refer.

  1. Failed to start Network Manager. Failed to listen on CUPS scheduler. Failed to start crash report submission daemon.

At last,my english is very poor.I hope someone can teach me how to solve this problem.

I hate to suggest this, but you are probably better off by running a clean install/flash. You could of course clone the root filesystem ahead of time so that you could examine its content at a later date (e.g., if you wish to preserve files to copy some content back in later).

If you choose to clone, then beware that this takes a lot of disk space, e.g., you might want 35GB of free space before starting. If the Jetson is in recovery mode, with the micro-B USB cable connected, then from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory on the host PC:

sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G my_clone.img jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

This clone would produce files “my_clone.img” and “my_clone.img.raw”. I would discard the sparse image (the “.img” file), and keep the larger raw file (the “.img.raw” file). This larger file can be loopback mounted on the PC as if it were a partition (this is a bit-for-bit exact replica of the root filesystem).

Thanks for your suggestion!I’m working on flash my xavier by a vitual machin Ubuntu18.04,I spare no effort to flash it but I falied many times.I download latest SDKManager and install Jetpack4.3 successfully,but when I flash my xavier it crash.Specifically,I press and hold the RECOVERY and POWER button,then release both,the POWER LED is on,virtual machine ubuntu18.04 become DEAD.I try several times but I dont’t make it.Here is my host machine configuration:

  • 8 core
  • 8GB RAM
  • 40GB ROM

I turn on USB3.1 switch on in VMWARE setting,but once I flash it will breakdown,and host machine become dead.
This forum can’t upload pictures,my representation is not that clear.Can I send you a email for better communication?

Thank you,sincerely!

VMs do not correctly handle USB unless you work to set this up such that ownership goes completely to the VM (at no time should the host PC parent to the VM take over that USB device). During a flash USB repeatedly disconnects and reconnects and is lost by a typical VM. You could go for a native install of Ubuntu 18.04 on your host PC (perhaps dual boot). If not, then you’ll need to work on the USB settings so the VM does not lose the recovery mode Jetson in the middle of the flash.

We don’t support any VM on host to flash tegra. Please do not use VM at this moment.