Visualizing the output folder from Basic Writer()

I am working with visualizing the output folder and I was a bit confused where can I get the rgb_path in the figure ?

rgb_path is defined earlier in the examples:

rgb = "rgb_0.png" # to be changed by you
rgb_path = os.path.join(out_dir, rgb_file_name)
rgb_image =

Following this example PATH_TO_REPLICATOR_OUTPUT_DIR is defined above in the code as:


By default, non-absolute paths write files to ~/omni.replicator_out. So for this example the files should be located in ~/omni.replicator_out/out_dir_test_visualization/

Thank you very much, Dennish.
I am trying to visualize coordinates of objects. Can you suggest some ways to visualize them.

For the RGB images, they are just PNG so a web-browser or built-in image viewer works.

For other annotations, you can use numpy/matplotlib

Or our own Replicator Insight