What is socket can port on tegra

Now I want to test messages received on tegra from can-bus, I am using source code easy_can.c for testing. As I know aurix port on tegra is 60395, but I do not know the port of socket can. So what is the socket can port on tegra?


Dear yxiang,

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Dear yxiang,

If you are referring to a physical connection, please see below.

Harness cable

  • can-5 -------> can0 on Tegra A
  • can-6 -------> can1 on Tegra B
  • can-1 -------> channel A on Aurix
  • can-2 -------> channel B on Aurix
  • can-3 -------> channel C on Aurix
  • can-4 -------> channel D on Aurix

Dear yxiang,

The Tegra CAN port has nothing to do with EasyCAN; EasyCAN is a mapping of CAN over Ethernet between Aurix and Tegra; TegraCAN is direct use of CAN ports on Tegra using SocketCAN as the stack. There is also no concept of TegraCAN port (since there’s no IP stack).

If you want to test TegraCAN he can just connect a CAN adaptor (e.g., PeakCAN) from a host to the correct CAN harness port to directly receive CAN packets at the Tegras. Thanks.