Where did localhost gone to after Create 2022.3 update?

Hi Omniverse Team,

After updating to 2022.3 , unable to find localhost anymore. Did it get remove or something else ? Thank you.

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Same here. V2022.2.2 works

So, it used to be that the Omniverse Launcher would automatically attach localhost, but, that requires an AuthToken, and that only last 24 hours, so what I think they did was, remove the attachment of localhost by default and now the User must manually attach it?

But, anyway, this confused me for a few weeks - because, I could not get any guidance on what to do to get back to “normal”.

So, at any rate, in the Omniverse Launcher, goto the Nucleus tab, click Add Server then for the name type ‘localhost’ and hit enter…this will trigger the creation of an AuthToken, which will launch a browser window where you can enter in your Nucleus credentials and create a 24hour AuthToken - now your localhost is visible in OV Launcher and any OV Apps.


Works. thanks :):)

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. LOCALHOST should not disappear after installing Create and we will look into this. However, as a previous user has stated, you can simply use “Add Server” and enter “localhost” and it will restore it. Please check that your Nucleus is also up to date.


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