Where do the Content Packs install to?

I noticed on the bottom of Exchange tab in Create, there are some Content Packs, so I installed them (all 6). Some of these files are huge, but I don’t know where they installed to.

I open up Create after installing, and I don’t see any difference vs what I had seen prior to downloading about 40 gigs of content.

Does Create know I installed these things?


As a feedback tip, I would have preferred to use another drive for these as my C drive is getting full.

Correction: I did notice a difference when I change tabs of the Materials. This used to take a little time to “connect” and now is much faster.

Still not sure how to see the Residential Assets installed.

Hello @DataJuggler!

When you download a Content Pack from the Exchange, if you click on the Save As button you should bring up the path where the content pack will be saved.

You can change where these packs are saved and set it to remember that path.

Let me know if this helped. I may need more information to help answer your question!

I think I clicked Download without clicking the box to the right.

Thanks for the reply.

I have since found the folder. My ov folder is in my [User] folder:

[User]\appdata\local\ov\cache is over 160 gig.

I also found the pkg folder is over 67 gig


This is mostly because old versions of kit apps are not removed.

I am writing a Kit App removal tool today since I am off for the long weekend. I will post it on Git Hub if anyone wants it once finished.

When you install new versions of Kit apps, asking the user to remove old ones would be helpful. I will create a separate post for this once the removal tool is done.

I have 6 gigs just in old copies of Create.

By default my content packs were downloading to the windows “download” folder. I started to copy from there onto the omniverse local host, but then realized some of the content looks familiar.

Question: are most or some of these content packs already installed with the base omniverse install? I don’t want to download them twice if they’re all there already.