Omniverse keeps filling up my c: drive

Hello Nvidia,

I have omniverse cache installed, and pointing at a drive I have plenty of space on. However, loading large scenes keeps filling up my c:\ drive with mostly texture cache data in C:\Users.…\AppData\Local\ov\cache\texturecache

is there anyway to redirect this to another location? ( and ideally limit that amount of data allowed to be cached)



Hi @koen2. Let me check with the dev team to see if they have some guidance on this.

I have the same issue.
Is it safe to manually delete the textures in this cache?

Hi. Sorry for the delay. The team has chasing up a few additional questions around this. Should hopefully have an answer soon.

There is a new version of Nucleus and Cache coming soon (Nucleus 2023.1.0). This includes a new Cache cleaner service Cache on Workstations — Omniverse Utilities documentation (

When enabled, this will automatically clean up your Kit based caches.

One thing to keep in mind for caches, the cache location in this page only changes the Nucleus cache path. If you would like to update where your Kit based caches are, you’ll need to currently update the omniverse.toml file located in your user .nvidia-omniverse/config/ directory.

In the [paths] section of the omniverse.toml you’ll need to add or modify the cache_root to be the location you’d like the kit cache to go (i.e. cache_root = "D:\\OV_Cache")

so, Can I store kit-based caches on a remote cache server?

No, this is not supported.

Hello @dlindsey,
I have been working on the most recent version for while, and still no matter how I set up my paths, the c:\ drive keeps filling up. All my caches are set to another drive. The only way I found to work around this is to create a junction that redirects …\AppData\Local\ov to the other drive, many tools do not seem to respect the cache folder.

Currently this folder is taking up 514GB while I have the max cache size set to 50GB.


Can you please verify the most recent versions of which apps you’re talking about please?

Also, you can take a look in your omniverse.toml file, which is in %USERPROFILE%\.nvidia-omniverse\config\omniverse.toml on Windows, or ~/.nvidia-omniverse/config/omniverse.toml.

You should have a section in that toml file that looks similar to this.

confirmed = true
data_root = "D:\\ov\\data"
cache_root = "D:\\ov\\cache"

Change your cache root to whatever path you’d like. This should help, as I think the cache path you’re setting is probably only the Nucleus cache, which is a subset of the cached data.

Thanks, I am using composer 2023.2.5

I did not know about that toml, this is great. I have everything there to my scratch drive, for example:

data_dir = “F:\Omniverse\cache”

but then in paths:
cache_root = “C:\Users\kvroeijenstijn\AppData\Local\ov\cache”

That’s the one I need to change. Do you know where in the setup or UI this value is set? I can edit the toml now I know, but I cant find this anywhere in the settings of launcher, composer or setup.