USD Composer is a disk hog - how to get the cache off my C: drive?

I have Omniverse installed on my D:\ drive. Each small sample project I install (or reopen later) however consumes gigabytes on my C: drive in the AppData cache. How can I reclaim this space? I free up gigabytes daily on my C: drive only to have it disappear after starting USD Composer once.

Can I move the cache to my D: drive? (Is there a setting somewhere?)
Can I “clear” the cache somehow? (I open an example once, the cache seems to stay forever.)

I tried manually deleting some files, but now get lots of errors in the console about missing files.


regarding cache, you should be able to clear it through the OV System Monitor.

Ah… OV seems to have forgotten it was installed on D: drive. It lost all the settings in Launcher. It also lost all my bookmarks and it no longer remembers recently accessed projects. Looks like something inside broke.

i wonder if deleting files manually might’ve caused this. there are lot of moving parts in making the systems work, after all. cleanup tool might need to be administered, from the sound of it.

No, it lost my bookmarks and other things for a while, I had just not looked into it. Deleting cache files was only after OV kept filling my C: drive. And yes, the Cache settings were still pointing to C:(on a website!). So I uninstalled Cache (I don’t use Nucleus), reset the Launcher settings back to my D: drive, rebooted, killed the Omniverse processes that popped back up automatically, deleted C:\Users\alanj\AppData\Local\ov\ giving me back 16G on my C: drive, restarted computer, restarted OV, and now all seems to be okay! Easy!

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I have noticed the problem as well. The Cache will grow uncontrollably over time. I do occasionally look in there and delete the big files without any issues.

Hi Alan,
You do not need to run any tools to clear the cache. If you have the “Cache” plugin installed, you can go to launcher and use the “Cache Setttings” button to access the cache monitor in your web browser. Go down and clear out all of the cache you want to. The MAIN contributor to disk space is “Texture Cache” for sure. This can also just be deleted manually by going to “c:/users/USER/appdata/local/ov/cache/texturecache”