Change cache location in omniverse settings

Hello Guys,

I was updating my Omniverse app settings to change the cache files location.

I started by updating settings : Check num1 in my screen shot
but I faced a problem with cache where some thing still used the old directory.

I opened all my omniverse apps searching if some settings still reads the old directory,
I found out these two settings in Compose and updated them: Check num2 in my screen shot.

Also, I updated the cache path in settings: Check num3 in my screen shot.

But, I believe I’m still missing some settings to update as Shader Cache and Texture Cache are using the old directories!!!

I’ve no clue where can I find their settings, I’ll appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

@mustafa_jafar i am just another OV user, and personally, i’ve had better luck changing the path after resetting the OV Launcher; and feels cleaner to reset it. but i am sure the mods will have better suggestions.

Technically you cannot change just your “cache” folder. It is a core part of the OV installation. It sits inside your main OV folder location. The default location is in “c:/users/USER/appdata/local/ov/cache”. I would not recommend trying to change this unless you change the whole OV folder installation location. The “cache” folder likes to be in the root of your master OV folder. So if you make your default OV folder at “D:/omniverse” then your cache folder will be at “D:/omniverse/cache”.

If you really want to change it I would unistall everything and reset OV. Then reinstall the launcher and whole OV system to the place where you want it. And leave your cache folder inside that folder.

Hi @Richard3D . Is there a correct way to tell OV to install in another directory?

My Omniverse is installed in D:\Omniverse

USD Composer is in D:\Omniverse

But it still writes to my C:.…AppData folder (filling it, causing general havoc). Is there another setting somewhere for c:/users/USER/appdata/local/ov/cache?


Yes it will default to that c:/users/user/appdata/local/ov/cache folder unless you specify. You can either install the CACHE app, and it gives you more settings to change or you can edit your “omniverse.toml” file directly and change it to anything you want.

cache_root = “D:\Omniverse\Cache”
confirmed = true
content_root = “D:\Omniverse\Content”
data_root = “D:\Omniverse\Data”
extension_root = “C:\Users\richa\Documents\kit\shared\exts”
library_root = “D:\Omniverse\Library”
logs_root = “C:\Users\richa\.nvidia-omniverse\logs”

proxy_cache_enabled = false
proxy_cache_server = “”
data_dir = “D:\Omniverse\Cache\Cache”

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