Launcher Installation path bug(?)

I like to keep my system organized by having an NVME drive for Windows ©, and SSD for applications (D) and a hybrid drive for data (E). I usually install all applications into D:\Programs but for Omniverse I created D:\Omniverse and inside there I created Cache, Library and Data folders and use those to install the three respective parts into.

Every few days I reboot my machine and the Launcher asks me to complete setup and once again spits out C:\bla\bla\bla as the install paths. Can’t it just remember where I chose to install to? Isn’t that exactly what the registry was made for?

I decided I would hack my way around it by creating (oh, I forget what you call it, not a shortcut… a JOIN ?) that thing where one folder on one drive is ACTUALLY another folder anywhere else on any drive… So first thing’s first, rename D:\Omniverse so I can make the new join/links point to there… oh wait, I can’t rename the folder because it’s in use. Really? Omniverse is currently USING the files in the location where I installed it to and STILL wants me to install to a different location?

That is just adding insult to injury, that is. I can load the Omniverse from the install path which then claims it doesn’t know my install paths and wants to force me to install it to somewhere else? Really annoying having to constantly fix the file paths.

I hope this is not intended and is a bug you can easily enough sort out… (?)

Just thought I’d mention. Thanks

Hello, and thanks for posting.
We would like to look into your issue further, can you please provide the logs from the launcher so we can understand how your settings are parsed and what is causing this issue.
The launcher.log and launcher.old.log logs should be located in the following location in your directory:
Thank you

No problem. Here ya go :)
Thanks for looking into this for me! :D (649.3 KB)

Of course, it is no problem at all. Thank you for sending your log files.
After reviewing it seems that paths are being encoded incorrectly.
We have entered a bug for the issue and will investigate as to why this is occurring.

Good News!
We were able to track down the cause of the issue and will be releasing a fix in the very near future.
Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention and providing logs, they were very useful.

-for tracking

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Thanks for the good news.
Glad I could be of some help in some small way :)