Cache growing on disk without limit?


One suspicious thing that I noted and might be a problem.

Cache settings allow the user to set up max disk space for this data:

However, this folder (below) is generating loads of .ovtex files, which look like precompiled mip-mapped data to speed up further shader compile and render:


The size of this cached texture folder is growing, seemingly without limits. Dealing with huge data sets in Create for a few days has caused it to become over 250 Gb.

I’m assuming I can wipe this folder clear manually, being the content temporary, but I think including a disk size limit to this folder in the settings is desirable, especially given that Omniverse by default installs on the system drive.

Hello @_MF! I just created a ticket for the development team to look into this issue. (Internal ticket number OM-56445: Cache growing on disk without limit?) Thank you for reporting this!

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Just found this myself. I had been looking for a while at what was overtaking me every time I cleared out some more free space. In no time, I’d be back to where I was. 231 GB in this texturecache folder :)