Which Game Controller to use for Example 2 - Teleoperation?

I see it stated in Example 2 - Teleoperation that a game controller is required, but I can not find where it states which game controller to use or how to configure it.

Example 2 - Teleoperation

    This example requires a gamepad controller connected to your workstation.

I’ve see the Logitech Gamepad F710 listed for the Jetson RACECAR application with the tx2 but it is unclear where or not the same controller applies here.

Is this documented somewhere?

Oh, sorry, I found it.

It is listed in the under the ‘Create gamepad controller’ heading at the top of the page of the teleoperation Jupyter Notebook.

I’m not able to get it to recognize a XBox One controller via USB though.

This is a big expansion of this Topic. I have a 1) Sony PS2 Dual Shock and Wiimote controller. I successfully installed drivers for each , namely 1) https://github.com/autorope/donkeycar_ps3_controller and 2) https:///help/ubuntu.com/community/CWIID that give a “Connect” Indication.

  1. Tthe PS3 [u]bluetoothctl[/u] displays the following, and shortly after pushing the PS Button to pair, freezes the controller. The Bluetooth System Setting screen shows the PS3 device in its configuration list. jetbot@jetbot:~ sudo ./sixpair
    [sudo] password for jetbot:
    Current Bluetooth master: d0:c6:37:4a:68:ce
    Setting master bd_addr to d0:c6:37:4a:68:ce
    jetbot@jetbot:~$ bluetoothctl
    [NEW] Controller D0:C6:37:4A:68:CE jetbot [default]
    [NEW] Device 00:1F:32:E9:69:64 Nintendo RVL-CNT-01
    [NEW] Device 34:C7:31:16:80:87 Sony PLAYSTATION®3 Controller
    Agent registered
    [CHG] Device 34:C7:31:16:80:87 Connected: yes
    [CHG] Device 34:C7:31:16:80:87 Name: PLAYSTATION®3 Controller
    [CHG] Device 34:C7:31:16:80:87 Alias: PLAYSTATION®3 Controller
    [Sony PLAYSTATION®3 Controller]#

Controller freezes here, including the ssh connection and the mouse/keyboard directly connected to the Nano.

  1. WIIMote
    The command $ sudo wminput -c /etc/cwiid/wminput/gamepad initates a pairing that is successful creating a /dev/js0 device. However the Gamepad tester "justest-gtk shows no action. running "html5gamepad.com on the Nanao does not show a connected gamepad.

I should add that I have successfully connected and use both these controllers for Teleoperation (albeit with ROS) on a Ubuntu 16.04 based Turtlebot3 robot.

So any suggestions for any successful PS3 or Wiimote connections to enable using the Jupiter Notebook Teleoperation?


I am having a similar problem trying to pair a PS3 device to a Nano.
Googling around could not find much information, only this reference detailing that PS3 is not supported here when using the robocars platform

The device is detected, but the pairing never happens and finally, the Nano crashes and gets unresponsive I need to reboot.

I have an “Intel Dual Band Wireless-Ac 8265 W/Bt (Intel 8265NGW)”, any idea on how to troubleshoot this issue?


Did anyone get info on pairing the PS3 controller?