Writing a Radar-Decoder

We are working on developing our custom radar decoder for Driveworks integration. The radar delivers data using CAN. The end goal will be to use the decoder.so and run Nvidia’s ‘sample_radar_replay’ but using real time data delivered over the CANbus. In the radar decoder template, there is a method for putting the results of the radar scan into a data array that has no defined structure. Is there a method defined elsewhere for putting the radar scan data into the dwRadarDetection struct so that it can be used in the sample_radar_replay?

Dear lord_duckfoot,

All definitions can be found under: /usr/local/driveworks/include/dw/sensors/radar/Radar.h
dwRadarReturnType (accessible through dwRadarScanType) defines whether data pointer in dwRadarScan contains dwRadarDetection, dwRadarTrack, dwRadarStatus. All of the mentioned structs are defined in the Radar.h.
Hope that helps!

Is there an intended/preferred usage of the functions outlined in RadarDecoder.h from the NVIDIA side? We are trying to decide how to implement the functions with our radar data output format but are unsure how much flexibility we have since it is unclear how these functions will be used in the API. Are certain functions meant to only be called from within the decoder?

We have read through the documentation for RadarDecoder in the DriveWorks SDK Reference and are looking for more clarification.