Xavier Jetpack 4.2.2 Fails initial bootup


I was attempting to upgrade my Xavier to Jetpack version 4.2.2, everything was going smoothly, ie the OS image flash was successful, and I was about to start installing the other components which requires you to boot the Xavier in normal mode so that it can be ssh-ed into. However when I tried to boot the Xavier, it got stuck at these two images while the screen flashed on and off continuously.

I let it sit for about 20 minutes in this state. I know that the hardware is not fault because it was previously running 4.1 just fine and when I changed my installation version it to 4.1 again, it installed just fine.

Thoughts on what might be causing this problem?
Thanks in advance.

What is the last line it get stuck…? The image 0417 seems not help.

There are indeed some users stuck at the “Update UTMP”. However, they are jetson nano users.

417 was just 2 system cards that seemed to fail, wanted to include them in case that was the error.

The last line it get stuck at is “Started update UTMP about system runlevel changes” it only seems to happen on this version, and this is the Xavier


Please help describe more about this issue

  1. Does reboot resolve this issue?

  2. Does this issue happen right after first time flashing?

  3. Do you use fresh driver package from sdkmanager? or have you ever modified anything in rootfs?


  1. No rebooting does not solve the issue.
  2. this is the initial boot after the initial OS image flash, the device needs to be setup so that the sdkmanager can ssh into it for transferring the other packages (tensorflow tensorRT, etc)
  3. I downloaded the most recent sdkmanager and used the most recent version of jetpack(4.2.2) for the xavier. in addition this is a fresh install of linux and the only thing running on it is the sdkmanager with no modifications


My concern is that it happens at initial boot.

  1. Are you able to dump the boot log from uart for us to confirm if kernel boot has no other problem?
  2. Could you remove the Linux_for_Tegra folder downloaded from sdkmanager and re-download + flash again?