AGX XAVIER HDMI&USB2.0 tuning and compliance issues

We met some fail issues in HDMI & USB2.0 compliance test,
HDMI fail issue is Source Low Amplitude +(Supported Sink <= 165MHz) and USB2.0 issue is Eye Diagram Test,
we review DA-09855-001_v1.2《Jetson AGX Xavier Series Tuning and Compliance Guide》but have no idea about which registers should be adjust.
Will you please give us some advice?
Many thanks.

usb2.0 regs

Hi, the compliance and eye diagram test result very depend on the PCB layout quality. The tuning guide gives some registers that might be helpful but not must. The usage of each register has been listed in the doc clearly, you should be able to get the meaning and so as to try different value to see if any change to the test result. But still, the key point is the layout quality.

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