Black screen after install of nvidia driver ubuntu

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Please create a bug-report.log from an install with the .run installer, maybe some differences ar visible.
Also, please rename xrandr back.


Hello SIR i need ur help!!! i have lenovo legion with nvidia 1650 and intel i5 9th gen

i have was trying to install KDE NEON, but when i selected the usual way of booting it failed and gave me some BIOS error.
i then chose Safe graphics mode and booted then i installed the KDE NEON.
after installed i found that i am still in the nomode test ; so I unticked it and tried booting. Now when my laptop booted it showed the lenovo logo but then it went all black and nothing happened. please tell me how can i fix this issue.
i m new to linux. please help!!

Please try to boot to recovery mode (hold down shift on power-on to get to grub menu), then run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

Sir i only have one laptop in which i do all my work and tasks,
Since KDE NEON crashed for me i got back to windows.

Is it possible that i could do same with live USB because when i run KDE without safe graphics it crashes instanly.
So do i hv to install it on my laptop or live USB will be fine.

@generix and @jsil
Ubuntu is working fine in my Alienware M15 R4 now.
I tried dual booting Ubuntu 21.04(released yesterday) which has the latest kernel version of 5.11.
I was able to smoothly install and run it.

Thanks for reporting back. Did you use the repo driver or the runfile?

For installing drivers?
I directly used
sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

I’m also facing same issue in my machine when recently upgraded my GPU to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 it show the black screen nothing else. Only shows screen on power-saving mode

Please run as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.

Hi I have been experiencing issues booting after installing the Nvidia Driver on my Ubuntu system. I have checked many posts and solutions but none of them solves my problem. I have attached the nvidia-bug-report and would you like to look over it? @generix

thanks a lot!

Why are you using the 390 driver?
The Quadro P2000 Mobile is not in the list of legacy GPUs.
According to: Download Drivers | NVIDIA
You can use version 460.73.01 of the driver. Or whatever version is available of the 460 driver from ubuntu repo.
After installation remove the “nomodeset” kernel parameter. And select your prime profile (prime-select {intel|nvidia|ondemand}) - Reboot.

Reply to Mart: The reason I am using the 390 drivers is that I have heard from other posts that 390 is the latest driver proved to work. I have installed the 460 drivers on my first try and it’s not working.

Update: I tried to reboot again but found out I can’t even enter the terminal, with and without nomodeset kernel parameter. Anyone knows how to solve this?

How did you install the 460 driver?

I first tried to use a 460 driver installer package(which has a GUI) and it failed because of some reasons I didn’t understand (you can find those at the very top of the log file). I then disabled the nouveau driver (at least I thought I did) and reboot it, which caused the ubuntu system to fail to boot with a GUI.

After that, I tried to follow the solutions from this post, so I removed all Nvidia driver and reinstalled the 460 drivers via a terminal without any GUI functioning. However, the system is still not booting correctly. I remembered I have installed and reinstalled 460 drivers several times but none of the attempts really succeeded, and that’s when I begin to have doubt about the driver versions and tried to use 390 drivers.

Please create a new nvidia-bug-report.log.