[bug?] Camera spin

We have problem in NVidia Omniverse Create, the camera spins without any possibility of control.
Please help.


Hi Mattheus,
This is a very strange issue for sure. How exactly does it get initiated? Only when using the mouse and keyboard to manipulate the view ? The video you posted seems to show that for some reason your mouse pointer is not correctly aligned with our user interface.

It makes me wonder if you have a game controller connected because it looks like something is spinning the mouse navigation out of control. Please check that and also your actual mouse and mouse software.

Try resetting your user profile in Create, by adding the “–reset-user” code option to the “omni.create.bat” file found in the following way:

I have launced from the directory

D:\Omniverse\create-2022.3.3\omni.create.bat –reset-user

but after a bit longer startup Create have the same problem.
…as soon as I try to change the view, it start to spin.

Ok. And the question about any external devices like Game controllers etc ? Did you try turning off your mouse ? new mouse ? Disabling game control software ?

Is it just in Create ? What about View ? What about the old version of Create ?

This just doesn’t sound like a Create or Kit problem. It sounds like an interface problem. Something external is overriding the kit code. Test other apps and let me know. Is this on a laptop ? Can you give me some hardware specs.