CAN connector pinout


We have Drive Xavier board.
What is the pinout of DB9 CAN connectors ?
Each of the connector now carries two CAN buses (at least 4 pins are used), but I cannot find the pinout in documentation.

Dear mikhailqydth,

Please refer to below for your topic. Thanks.

Pinout of Connections to Vehicle
On the 48-pin cable harness, the DB9 female connector, commonly used for RS-232 serial connection in the PC industry, is used for CAN, FlexRay, UART and GPIO.
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CAN Connector
The following table shows the pinout for each DB9 connector used for two CAN buses. Each CAN DB9 connector is labeled to identify the CAN bus numbers it is connected to.
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Hi Steve,

I am trying to determine the pin numbers for “CAN High” and “CAN Low” signals for both CAN buses and ground.
The text you provided refers to some table, but that table is missing.

However, the text mentions CANcable2Y adapter from Vector. I found description and wiring diagram of that adapter. Hopefully that is the same pinout that Nvidia Drive Xavier uses.



Dear mikhailqydth,

Sorry for confusing.
Fixed previous my update so please refer to the update. Thanks.