PX2 CAN 1-6 pinout


Can someone please provide the description for the can ports available on PX2?

Would I be able to dump data from a highspeed CAN bus using the sample CAN message logger, if I only provide CAN+ and CAN- on the PX2 CAN 5 port?


Dear ana9017,

Please see below link and DrivePX2 datasheet Page33 for your question. Thanks.


Thanks for your reply!

According to the following description for CAN connectors:

9 Pin (male) D-Sub CANbus PinOut

Pin # || Signal Description

1 || Reserved
2 || CAN_L - Dominant Low
3 || CAN_GND - Ground
4 || Reserved
5 || CAN_SHLD - Shield, Optional
6 || GND - Ground, Optional
7 || CAN_H - Dominant High
8 || Reserved
9 || CAN_V+ - Power, Optional

Can I just connect CAN high and CAN low from OBD port to pins 7 and 2 respectively of PX2 CAN-5 connector to read data?


Hi ana9017,

You should be able to just connect to the CAN_H and CAN_L to read/send data. Make sure you have proper CAN termination resistance. (typically a 120ohm resistor between the CAN_H and CAN_L wires at the point of connection.)

@samrustan - Exactly what I needed. Thanks!

How much voltage does CAN_V+ provide? 12v?


Dear Tony.Lin1,

Yes, CAN_V+ provides 12V. Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

I connected a radar to can-5, but it does not seem to work. I measured CAN_V+, its voltage was 0V.

How do I enable CAN-5 port power?


Dear Tony.Lin1,

It does not supply power to the CAN port separately.
Does it work normally on other ports than CAN-5 port?

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I am unable to read voltage on pin 9 referenced to pin 3/6 on any of the CAN cables 1-6. I am using the lab bench power supply with the 9-conductor power cable connected. Do you have any advice on why the CAN connectors are not providing 12v?

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