Cannot download Omniverse Error : refused to connect

Hello, I would like to download Omniverse Open Beta but not matter which browser I use I get: refused to connect.

And In Firefox I get this error :

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Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in.
AADSTS750054: SAMLRequest or SAMLResponse must be present as query string parameters in HTTP request for SAML Redirect binding.

I have enabled all cookies, and I am not blocking 3rd party cookies on the Site. From what I read this issues is because it’s trying to render the login in an iframe, and it forbids it because it might be a protection against clickjacking. Is there an alternative place I can download the application?

I was able to download the application today. Not sure what was the issue but it’s fixed now.

Hello @Ivan88Bg! Welcome to the Community! I am glad to hear it is working for you now. I let the dev team know about this issue so that they are aware of it.

Hi @Ivan88Bg! Quick update. I found out that our site was having issues on Friday. The the problem has been fixed!

Thank you for the reply! Keep up the good work !

Same problem here. Please fixed it. Thanks