Cannot reboot Jetson Orin AGX on JetPack 6.0

A few days ago, I started using an AGX Orin that had JetPack 6.0 installed. I could not get OpenCV and PyTorch to run on the GPU so I followed the instructions (link) and
tried installing each of these wheels:
I tried upgrading the version of cuda and rebooted, and since I cannot boot the Jetson.

I’ve read Jetson Orin AGX refused to reboot after running sudo reboot but I do not have another PC with Ubuntu handy to reboot from the serial console.

The initial screen starts up and then the display goes to a power saving mode. I’ve followed AGX Orin Recovery Boot, without luck.

Thank you very much.

Nothing you can do without an x86 host.
It’s required for flashing.

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