Can't join the same session while working with USD layers

I am following this tutorial:

My goal is to create a MASTER_SCENE.usd (architectural project) and import all the separated elements into that scene such as Street, Building, Props etc.

I am able to make a live connection by opening MASTER_SCENE.usd inside Create and MASTER_SCENE.usd inside Maya.

However, after adding for example BUILDING.usd as a sublayer to my MASTER_SCENE, and opening that BUILDING.usd in Maya, I can’t find that same live-session from Omniverse.

I followed the above tutorial step by step and I can’t see the Maya session from Create.

I am sorry for the confusing post, I am still trying to wrap my head around of the concept of usd layering etc,

best regards,

I think what you want to do here, for your case is:

  1. Load the Building.usd into Maya and join a session there.
  2. Then in Create, in the Master_scene.usd, which has building.usd scene as a child,
  3. Join the same session on building.usd from Create.