CloudXR on AWS with NICE DCV

I got this message from a user: I did notice that when I disconnected from the NICE DCV remote desktop client the CloudXR server stopped sending to the headset. I don’t know if that’s the expected behavior, or whether there’s more I need to do to set things up correctly, but I’ll follow-up with that on the Forums.

From our local CXR/AWS Whiz:

Also, as for disconnecting from DCV and having CloudXR stop, there is a Windows registry setting within DCV you can configure to not end the session after you disconnect. This would allow CloudXR to continue to stream even after a desktop user closes the DCV window. You can find details on how to configure this here:

os-auto-lock true or false - DWORD (32-bit) session Linux : true - Windows : 1 Whether to lock the OS session when last client connection ends — If enabled, the OS session is locked when the last client connection is closed. — Available since version 2017.1-5777.

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