Crashing of OS in Jetson Orin Developer Kit

have been facing an issue with Jetson AGX Orin. The Orin was flashed and all the necessary programming was already done and the project was ready to be deployed. All of sudden, the Orin did not boot the OS and we are unable to start our programs. This is the case with all the Orins that we purchased recently. One Orin was flashed with Jetpack 5.0.2 version and the other one is flashed with Jetpack 5.1.1. We are not even able to see anything on the display when the HDMI port is connected.

For our application, we just have two lidars, line guided sensor and motor driver communicating in RS485 communication. We do not have any AI based models or Vision applications running. Please provide us the solution to resolve this issue.

What are you talking about exactly?.. Orin does not support jp4.6 at all…

Are you sure that is Orin?

Yes, it is Orin Developer kit. And apologies, it was Jetpack 5.0.2 in one orin and 5.1.1 in the other

ok, please dump the log from serial console. This is the only way to check any kind of issue on jetson when you don’t know whether it is booting up.

Please use the micro usb port but not type C port here.

I have an Orin which is not power up at all, when I connect USB-C type. ollowing Procedure is being followed-

  -Connecting the Data cable from Orin to PC
  -Holding the middle button and inserting the power cable, in order to put it in the recovery mode

At this step, the Orin should power up and NVIDIA SDK Manager should be able to detect the Orin. In our case, this Orin does not power up at all when connected to PC.

On the other hand it powers up when the data cable is disconnected from the PC, but it is not detected by NVIDIA SDK Manager

Above steps were being followed to flash the Jetpack for 4 other Orins that we have on site and were successfully be able to do so. This Orin has an issue.


As I said, use micro usb port… do not use type C port.
Please do not 100% follow the page. Listen to my comment first…

Also, if your board is not in linux OS or recovery mode, SDKM won’t be able to detect it. But this does not mean the board has problem…

If you don’t understand what I mean, please ask…

I am just asking for a log here. Not asking to flash the board yet.

log.odt (37.0 KB)

please dump the log since the beginning you restart or power on the board. The log you shared is already too late to check.

BTW, I am sure your board has power and can power on. Looks like just software problem so far.
The log is not complete but it indicates the boot process is still running.

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