Dependency help


I am using a Jetson Orin with Jetson Linix base on Ubuntu 20.04 (focal). I noticed that versions of ROS2 earlier than Humble would not work for ISAAC ROS packages. I want to use Orin to control my robot. I use the docker(ros humble )from isaac ros common . I find it hard to use other ros2 release packages. Such link ros2 control,and when I compile the source packge of ros2 control in docker(ros2 humble on ubuntu20.04),I find other dependencice problem. It’s there any way to fix the dependencie that without apt ?

Isaac ROS requires ROS 2 Humble but ROS 2 Humble supports Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) as a Tier 3 platform by OSRF (source compatible but not binary packages built). NVIDIA provides pre-built packages for ROS 2 Humble on Ubuntu 20.04 (Jetpack 5.x), but not all of the packages that are available unfortunately. ros2_control being one you’ll have to build from source directly. When Jetpack upgrades to 22.04 (Jammy), these dependency issues will be resolved, but until then, there isn’t another way yet.