(For Isaac ROS ) How to install Ubuntu 22.04 on Jetson AGX Orin? (For Isaac ROS )

I want to use Isaac ROS on my Jetson AGX Orin. Isaac ROS requries ROS2 Humble which only works on Ubuntu 22.04 (Tier 1). The latest Jetpack provides only Ubuntu 20.04.

Someone suggested Builiding and using ROS2 Humble via jetson containers. But (1) wont it create latency?

Next, (2) How to install Ubuntu 22.04 directly on Orin?

Also, (3) How to install jetpack 5.1.1 after installing Ubuntu 22.04?
I cannot use SDK Manager after installing Ubuntu 22.04 as it would be flashed over.

@billakurthi.sivasai containers don’t degrade runtime performance, they aren’t virtual machines. JetPack 6 will come with Ubuntu 22.04 next month, but for now recommend that you use the containers. Or you can replicate the build steps for ROS2 that are in my Dockerfiles if you wanna not use containers. Actually I have a standalone build script for ROS2 here:

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